titus andronicus

1156 new theatre, march 8-10, 2007

shakespeare’s brutal, genre-defying play about the fall of an imperial empire.  staged in and around a vat of chocolate, with extensive fight work, a cast of 10, and a 2 hour cut. 

photos: erik pearson


by william shakespeare / designed by: rachel myers (sets), maiko chii (costumes), melissa mizell (lights), veronika vorel (sound), aaron verdery (flight director), david debesse (fight director) / with: brad love (titus), gilbert owuor (aaron), nikki berger (lavinia), eric gilde (marcus), brian burns (chiron), alex major (demetrius), brooke parks (tamora), nicholas carriere (saturninus), J

james chen (bassianus), gamal palmer (lucius) / dramaturged by carla mastraccio / directed by mike donahue