shakespeare theatre of new jersey (NSE), july 17 - aug 15, 2011

a one hour tartuffe with their non-equity next stage ensemble that toured around new jersey for a month -- and also played several times at the festival itself.  budget was $0.  resources were $0. but a great group of lovely game young actors.  (photos below from throughout the tour).

photos by rob stepek / samuel allen / rachel mckeon


by moliere / with: alex breaux (orgon), kelly rogers (elmire), andreas damm (tartuffe), jessica ko (dorine), kelsey phillips (marianne), craig bazan (valere), desmond thorne (cleante), blake williams (damis), jon riddleberger (mme pernelle), rachel mckeon (flipote/laurent/loyal/officer) / designed by: nathan mcnamee (sets), alexandria vazquez (costumes), rob stepek (lights), nick vogelpohl (sound) / directed by mike donahue