peer gynt

1156 new theatre, february 4-9, 2008

ibsen’s epic dramatic poem about dreams / imagination, empire, and the search for self.  environmentally staged production, featuring audience participation, improvisation, and extensive flight work.  13 actors, $21,000 production budget, mfa thesis production.

photos: erik pearson / charlie erikson


by henrik ibsen / translated by rolf fjelde / designed by: andrew boyce (sets), moria clinton (costumes), chuan-chi chan (lights), veronika vorel (sound), aaron verdery (flying direction & stunt rigging) / with: zach appleman (aslak, troll child, monkey, dancing arab, cook), will connolly (girl, troll child, monkey, fellah, mate, mourner, button molder), john doherty (mads moen, troll courtier, eberkopf, strange passenger), austin durant (old woman, a man, troll king, cotton, thief, boatswain, mourner), laura esposito (old woman, solveig's mother, herd girl, troll girl, slave, anitra, keeper, mourner), brian hastert (young man, herd girl, troll courtier, ugly brat, old bus, begriffenfeldt, captain, mourner), alex knox (man, solveig's father, oldest troll courtier, trumpeterstraale, dancing arab, hussein, mourner, lean one), colin mannex (the boy), barret o'brien (peer gynt), brenna palughi (woman, woman in green, moorish captain, dancing arab girl, keeper, pastor), erica sullivan (aase, fence, keeper), adria vitlar (ingrid, herd girl, troll girl, ballon, dancing arab girl, keeper, mourner), liz wisan (solveig) / dramaturged by miriam felton-dansky / directed by mike donahue


new haven advocate preview

“an epic phantasmagoria, an odyssey in search of identity that successfully mingles the surreal, the bizarre and the exotic.”

-Zeynep Pamuk, Yale Daily News (full story)

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