“Directed with an appropriately light touch by Mike Donahue”

-Charles Isherwood, New York Times (full story)

“Swiftly directed by Mike Donahue”

-Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post (full story)

“Director Mike Donahue and his capable cast bring out all of the play’s

spiky humor”

-Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News (full story)

“In Mike Donahue’s wryly low-key production, the first-class actors often leave Lipton’s well-chosen words to twist in the wind, exposing nuanced dynamics of guilt, obligation, resentment and control.”

-Adam Feldman, Time Out (full story)

“Lipton and director Mike Donahue are working with the tippy-top shelf of New York City actors here and in moments… Red-Handed Otter cuts through the chop of loneliness and seething eccentricity with wit and style and flashes of brilliant humanity.”

-Scott Brown, Vulture

“Sharp performances by director Mike Donahue's cast

of downtown theater vets”

-Andy Buck, Theatermania

“Consistently pleasurable and should be attended”

-Alexis Soloski, Village Voice

“Director Mike Donahue and a cast of indie theater regulars are all well-attuned to the piece’s rhythms and structures.”

-Loren Noveck,  

red-handed otter

cherry lane, september 12 - october 6, 2012

not long ago, paul had a girlfriend, a cat, and few complaints. now? well, at least he's got his health. in between shifts at their security guard post, paul's work buddies try to cheer him up. but you know what they say about the best intentions... in this quirky comedy by one of new york's hottest emerging playwrights, paul’s friends’ awkward (and hilarious) attempts to console him prove that some comforts only come on four legs. 

photos: andrew boyce / carol rosegg


by ethan lipton / designed by: andrew boyce (sets), moria sine clinton (clothes), lucrecia briceno (lights), jill b c du boff (sound), daniel vatsky (video) / with: quincy tyler bernstine (estelle), gibson frazier (randy), rebecca henderson (angela), matthew maher (paul), bobby moreno (donald) / produced by the playrwights realm, directed by mike donahue