marriage of figaro

nyu-atlantic, atlantic stage II, november 14-17, 2012

figaro’s set to marry his suzanne;  but not if the count, and nearly everyone else, have their way.  beaumarchais’s biting comedy and critique of class, with the NYU-atlantic graduating class. 

photos: joanne bouknight


by pierre beaumarchais / designed by: gabe evansohn (set + lights), asta bennie hostetter (clothes), ben truppin-brown (sound) / with:

tatiana baccari (bazile), eric buron (figaro), allison frasca (suzanne), patrick goldman (bartholo), hannah hartmann (cherubin), rachel kang (grippe-soleil), julia kennelly (antonia), annie leonard (fanchette), jefferson reardon (count), christian rohde (brid-oison), sydney sainte (countess), theresa serrian (double-main), alison wien (marceline) / choreographed by eric sean fogel, directed by mike donahue