VIDEO: electronic city

yale cabaret, april 6-8, 2006


1: HOTEL PORN / CHECK-IN (1 min 18 seconds)

businessman tom lives his life in hotel rooms, watching hotel porn and masturbating - spending his life running through office hallways and airports, he realizes that he has checked into an electronic city, where everything looks the same and nothing has any meaning any more

2: SPICE GIRLS (39 seconds)

after suffering a plane crash, which he is forced to film twice, tom has an apple stuffed in his mouth and is forced to continue running, and dancing, this time to the spice girls

3: EVE / AIRPORT (50 seconds)

after joy becomes famous for her reality tv show, she tells the story of how she and tom first met (at the airport, in line for security)

4: FAST CUTS (1 min)

while in line at airport security, tom and joy get in a fight and are arrested after punching each other - they are thrown into a glass cube prison where they have sex - the voices interrupt them, however, forcing them to re-film scenes from their life: joy being attacked by angry businessmen while at work / joy leaving tom a message / tom unable to find his phone