things i found on craigslist...

workshop production @ the studio nyc, sept 17 - 19, 2010

duendes, facebook, narcissus and hand jobs collide as a group of high school friends now in their late 20s wake up to the fact that they still may have fucked it all up.  cruel, funny, sexy and magical, things i found on craigslist... explodes the idea that with or without technology we may all be a lot more connected than we'd like to think -- and that it might take more than just revisiting the past to discover the future that is now.  workshopped with the studio nyc and produced with a budget of $100. 

photos by daniel zimmerman



by christopher oscar pena / songs by jake rabinbach / design consultant: daniel zimmerman / with: nina wray (danny), keith hines (jon), maxwell eddy (eduardo), josh fielden (dev), lily balsen (mandy), philip estrera (gino), jillian walker (bruise), patricia gibson (dusk), lenore marks (twilight) / presented by the studio - new york conservatory / directed by mike donahue