99 ways to fuck a swan

UNC/Playmakers Professional Actor Training Program, feb 25-28, 2011

will dave’s epic investigation into the origins of michelangelo’s ‘leda and the swan’ shed any light on his own bestial obsession with his neighbor’s cat?  between the worlds of present day manhattan, victorian england, renaissance italy and ancient sparta, workshopped with UNC/Playmakers MFA actors, and produced with a budget of $100. 

photos by melanie rio


by kim rosenstock / designed by: stephanie waaser (sets), moria clinton (costumes), joseph amodei (lights), rod james (sound) / with: jimmy kieffer (dave), kelsey didion (fiona), josh tobin (tyndareus & terrence), dee dee batteast (leda & tammy), matthew garner (michelangelo, rudolph & hal), john dreher (alfonso, dr. hirschberg & joey), katie paxton (mother nature, mary & amy), brett bolton (francesco & clyde), lauren klingman (lucrezia) / directed by mike donahue